Monday, April 13, 2009

Rosie - more updates

7 April

Hello lovely friends,

Right! Latest health gubbins from my hospital trip today, and the news is looking good.

First up, it doesn't look like the cancer has spread. That's the good news I was hoping for.

So, I have 3 squamous (a new adjective for you) cell tumours: the primary (small) one inside my throat. And two secondary tumours on my neck (the larger ones). My first appointment with the oncologist is Thursday, & that's when I'll get the definitive word on the timetable for treatment. The idea is to start treatment in the next 3-4 weeks.

Again, I'll find out for sure on Thursday, but it looks like they'll zap me with a cocktail of radiotherapy & chemo. And do surgery on the neck lumps, but possibly not the throat tumour.

As always, my lovelies, news as I get it.

I'm getting my ups & downs & going with both - but I want to thank you for ALL the fabulous finger / toe / frankly quite athletic body part crossings you've been doing for me. Not to mention the amazing love & good vibes I've been getting loud & clear. It is all clearly WORKING.

talk again soon,

all love

Rosie xxxxxxxxx

9 April

Hello my gorgeous friends,

More health news from Castle Lugosi - mostly to say that there isn't really any more news... bum!

I was meant to see my oncologist for the first time today - but it appeared that everyone at Christie's had gone off on their easter break a day early.

So I saw a very nice - if a little startled - man who proceeded to repeat what I was told on Tuesday, and ask me for the nth time if I am a smoker (maybe they think if they ask me enough times I'll slap my forehead with my palm and go 'oh, you mean a SMOKER! Yes, of course.') They seem to be struggling with the fact that I'm NOT.

So, now I wait till next Thursday to get a timetable of treatment. But still probably starting early May. Till then I am eating steak and buns and chocolate & lots of it, as it looks like I am going to be on baby food for a while after...

So, a frustrating day, and not my best.

toodle pip, and big universal love & delight to you all,

Rosie xxxx

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Anonymous said...

Hugs, thoughts and prayers for Rosie!

Lea White