Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An International Bear

"The reason for this e mail is to see if you could possibly help us out with a school project. The school is hoping to be awarded International School Status at the end of this school year. In order to receive this government award we have to submit a portfolio of evidence showing the international work we have already undertaken and also to complete further International projects.

One of these projects is called 'Where oh where are our School Bears' . We have some small beanie teddy bears wearing a school T shirt. We are hoping to get these to as many countries in the world and then display photos of them in their new countries on a world map in school. We already have bears living in France, Romania, South Africa, India and New Zealand and one is off to Vietnam, Thailand and Australia this week.

Which led me to thinking if you could possibly give one a home in Sao Tome? All we ask is that you could take one or two photos of the teddy in it's new environment, preferably with something in the background such as a sign, flag, or building which would show it is in Sao Tome. We could then add the photos to our world map display.

We would pay for posting the bear to you, it doesn't need to be returned (perhaps you could find a local school who would like it?) and it would also be great for Jaime and Kezia to see.

If you are in agreement it would be nice to take a photo of Jaime and Kezia holding the teddy at Meanwood School before it sets off on its journey to Sao Tome.

If this sounds ok and you could help school out then please let me have an address to which to send the bear and I'll post one out to you straightaway."

I will present it to the local primary school Jaime attended before he left to the UK.

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Anonymous said...

Pity you already have NZ, otherwise you could have sent to us :-)

Love the photo

Lea White