Friday, March 13, 2009

EDM 900 - More than my illness and care for children with cancer

House of Commons Early Day Motion 900

That this House notes that children with cancer say that it is important for them to be able to go home during their treatment; expresses concern that a lack of community children's nurses and social workers means that nearly half of parents say they do not get the support they need for their child to be able to go home safely; welcomes the release of CLIC Sargent's report More Than My Illness: Delivering quality care for children with cancer, published in February 2009 to outline the case for better, equitably available community-based care and support; highlights the report's recommendation that every child and young person with cancer should be allocated a key worker better to co-ordinate, plan and support every aspect of their support; welcomes the child health strategy Healthy Lives, Brighter Futures, which acknowledges the need for more and better community-based care and support and for more community children's nurses; and encourages service providers across the UK to ensure a more co-ordinated and holistic approach to delivering social, emotional, financial, educational and clinical support for sick children and their families.

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