Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Proud Father

Just received this from Jaime's school ...

Dear Mr Gascoigne
Miss Rowcroft has asked me to contact you with regards to the Rochdale Childer Award. Every school in Rochdale has a Rochdale Childer Award which consists of a spectacular trophy, which remains on permanent display in school, as well as a medal and certificate to be kept by each year's recipient. There is also a special award's evening held at the Town Hall in Rochdale, which all school's attend in attention to the individual presentation within a school assembly.
The idea behind this annual award scheme is that a pupil from (name of school omitted) should be recognised for the contribution they have made to our community. This can be an act of charity work, caring for the elderly or a disabled friend or relative or even over coming some form of adversity and yet still being an inspiration to others.
With this in mind we would very much like to award this year's trophy to Jaime. Considering all he has been through in the last few years, with Kezia's illness and of course the move from Sao Tome to Rochdale and having to adjust to a completely different way of life, his dad still remaining in Africa, a new language to learn and having to make new friends.
Seeing it written down in black and white really makes us realise what an incredible 'journey' he's been on this last couple of years and through all of that he has never complained. He is the most delightful boy whom all his teachers consider a 'dream pupil'. His command of English is now amazing considering his starting point in Year 3.
We're sure you will agree with us that this award is an excellent way to recognise Jaime's achievements. If you are in agreement please let me know by return e mail. We will then formulate a 60 word statement explaining the reasons for Jaime's award which will be published in the award winners' booklet alongside the statements from other schools' award winners and to arrange a date and time for the award to be presented in school. We hope Jaime's mum will be able to attend this along with any other guests you may wish to invite. We also usually invite the Rochdale Observer to take a photograph, again if this is ok with you. The date of the award evening at Rochdale Town Hall is Thursday 18th June, again guests are invited to attend.
I hope to hear from you soon. If there are any further questions you have please feel free to ask. We do need to let the Rochdale Childer committee know the name of our award winner by Friday 20th March at the latest.
Kind regards
Mrs Jane Higgins

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Rob said...

Congratulations, Proud Father. Proud family. Proud Jaime.