Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Giv - the most expensive soap in the world

Well, not exactly ... but it does promise me Refreshing Beauty with Pearl Extract

Pearl Extract?

Yup, you heard right - it's even in the list of ingredients!

And it claims on the side of the benefits of Pearl Extract - Natural sea minerals that cleanse your skin gently along with a Refreshing Perfume for dynamic personality as well as what you might expect in a bar of soap - Sodium Soap, Water, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Teta Sodium EDTA and CI 42051.

Made in Indonesia, I imagine impoverished pearl divers selling their pearls, and rather than embellishing the necks of rich western women, earning a pittance from the soap manufacturer.

Is there a glut in the pearl market?

Observing the rather charming young lady on the packaging, she must be using Pearl Extract toothpaste as well. I hope she can tell this man (and myself for that matter) what brand of toothpaste she uses.

If any of my readers, especially Ben Goldacre and Dr Crippen (please promote it to your patients, write to NICE so it can be prescribed in two years or so as a treatment for teenage acne), would like to sample the benefits of Pearl Extract, send me 20 Euros or an equivanlent hard currency to to allieve your consciences about impoverished Indonesian pearl divers, and the father of a daughter with leukaemia (come on there - I'm going to take a 5% cut for the trouble!).

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