Monday, April 9, 2007

Dexamethasone Trips

I have arrived in the middle of one.

When I arrived at Chritsmas, Kezia was at first a little shy and reticent of me - perhaps not surprising given my absence from her life. This time she has welcomed me with open arms- to the extent she walked to the shop and back with me, wanted me to accompany her in her siesta and sleep next to her in the night. She has wanted lots of cuddles and physical affection from me. Within all this she has been generally good with just a couple of sobbing, but not tantrum, episodes.

Such intellectual changes. Language coming on fast - a mixture of both languages. Jaime is teaching her alot of the English he is learning from school. But also the first signs of "thinking" - looking and considering me - I ask "Are you thinking?" she nods her head, "What are you thinking about?" she continues to consider me silently.

Growing up high on Dexamethasone.

What reality poor child are you going through? What trip is this?

P.S. Lauren reports that Fergus also gets "clingy and emotional" on Dexamethasone (see Fergus Times - link on right).

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