Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Patientline III

Lucia tries to draw me into the Patientline debate - I refuse to be drawn!

However, I will make some observations on the Borchardt Ward at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Each bed has a Patientline terminal and yes, televison for children is free. However, each bed also has a regular donated televison set (with headphones).

Concerning telephone sets there are two regular payphones, one at the entrance to the ward and one in the middle of the ward that accepts both incoming and outgoing calls. Given a relatively relaxed mobile phone policy as well and the fact that the younger children have little need for phone services, then it is little surprise that Patientline will not be making a profit on Borchardt Ward, and I suspect throughout the RMCH.

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lucia said...

those units were 2nd hand when they were put in in the beginning of 2005.the ward has been asked to take the donated tv's out but as they were donated patientline are powerless.