Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Birthday

3 years old! Many Happy Returns Kezia ... have lots more! Stefan organised a beautiful cake, Kezia didn't want to blow the candles out so Jaime did. P. and P. came round as did a couple of neighbours, laden with presents including Dora's Laptop, Kezia's first computer and a very endearing penguin (which given my penchant for Linux was very apt!).


Anonymous said...

A great big happy birthday from Ireland to you from Leonie age 4 and Rosie.

Angus said...

Leonie, Rosie and Dad - many thanks. Do get more in touch if you want to. Sitemeter tells me you're a regular visitor. And do tell us about Barretstown candidly when you've been.

Take care.

RR said...

Hey, is that endearing penguin in fact "Pingu"? My kids went through several months of Pingu obsession last year, after their hipster uncle introduced him to the house as a novelty. He (the penguin, not the uncle) is fairly obscure here in the US. But he's rather charming, for an unintelligible flightless bird. Happy birthday Kezia...Mawk! Mawk! :-)

...And if that isn't Pingu, this will all be so much gibberish. Except for the birthday wishes, that is!


Angus said...

Yep it's Pingu alright. (So when are agoing to get PinguLinux?). Thanks for the birthday greetings.