Friday, August 24, 2007

The Axe Has Fallen

Alan Johnson is determined to make sure that "more services are delivered closer to home".

Thus the Healthy Futures and Making It Better proposals for restructuring health services in the Manchester area have been approved by the Independent Reconfiguration Panel and the Health Secretary himself.

Thus the town of Rochdale will no longer have A & E and maternity services. You can no longer be born in Bury nor Salford.

Reports here and here.

Shame on you Mr Johnson.


Lauren said...

Hey Angus,

I'm glad the news was reassuring and the problems merely ordinary and benign. I'm wondering, however, if you've re-rated your page since this entry?! Thanks for entertaining us even as you worried.


Angus said...

It's now "noone under 17" on the basis of the following:

* drugs (10x)
* death (4x)
* rectum (3x)
* pain (2x)
* cunt (1x)

So I'm now up with Dr Rant!

Hope you are all doing well!