Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Opposition's Plans

… don’t give me much faith … our Noble Opposition has launched its pre-election campaign claiming that the government is going to cut A&E and Maternity services at 29 hospitals – and it claims to have the list of hospitals where the current Labour government wants to make these cuts. See this BBC report.

The BBC also lists the 29 hospitals named by the Tories here. The government laughed at the inaccuracy of the list and a Tory Member of Parliament even had to apologise to NHS employee constituents at the concern his party’s claims had caused! And after a Conservative Central Office researcher apologised to Telford's Princess Royal Hospital about Tory claims that maternity services were to be cut there, the party immediately retracted the apology.

Curiously, our local general hospital, where it is proposed to cut A & E and Maternity Services, and currently under IRP review, is not on the Conservative list. Is that because we are not important to the Conservatives because our constituency is a solid Liberal/Labour vote?

What party will get it right?

Update: And now our local MP has woken up to the fact it was not on the Tory list.

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