Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To find a GP

… on the NHS Choices website, you may have to be lucky.

The NHS Choices website is where Joe and Jane Public are meant to find the information to make informed decisions about where they want to be treated – you know, find and register with a GP 40 miles away rather than the one round the corner. Duh!

Apparently, 50% of information on GP opening hours is inaccurate. So you are a member of the 16% of the public dissatisfied with GP opening hours, you have chosen your GP because s/he still runs some “out-of-hours” services and having looked up your GP’s opening hours on NHS Choices, you will find … a locked door. Because the GP practice has opted-out of “out-of-hours” services. Or maybe the 16% are dissatisfied because they looked up the opening hours on NHS Choices onlt to find them incorrect.

A third of GP names are incorrect. Dr Rant is confused with Dr Purple who is confused with Dr Brown.

Another NHS IT fuck-up. Of course, they are not blaming themselves, but the Primary Care Trusts and want the PCTs to provide updated information. Why didn’t they do a random sample of the data? And do the PCTs not have accurate data.

Fuck-up all round methinks.

Report here.

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