Wednesday, August 1, 2007

General Practitioner Workload Survey

The 2006/07 General Practitioner Workload Survey was issued by the Department of Health yesterday.

The last one was in 1992/93 – so why the fuck did they not do one before they renegotiated GP contracts in 2003?

I am pretty glad both for us patients and for the GPs that you are now pretty much working to the European Working Time Directive hours.

I am pretty happy that average consultation time has increased from 8.2 to 11.2 minutes.

I am worried that nurse consultations have increased, given Dr Crippen´s and Dr Rant´s gripes about nurse practitioners … but maybe it is not necessarily bad … I note that Dr Crippen and Dr Rant do not complain about their practice and District Nurses, and maybe some nurse-treated complaints and minor injuries are allowing the GPs to spend time with patients with more serious complaints.

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