Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Criminal Defence Services Direct

I am not kidding!

Although I am now developing a concern about the independence of the media regarding our government’s policies towards our socialised and wonderful health service, I notice this worrying report by a (perhaps courageous) BBC journalist on, or relegated to, the bottom of the BBC’s UK news webpage.

Apparently, from February next year in the UK, those arrested for “minor” offences, will no longer have the legal right to the physical presence of a lawyer or solicitor, but will instead be allowed to phone a “call-centre” run by a private company staffed by non-legally trained ex-police officers!

You’re worried by NHS Direct?

Update: Cynically I note the report has disappeared from the UK news page (but our link still works). And there is still a slightly different report on CDS Direct on the Radio 4 Law in Action website.

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