Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's in a name?

The Chairman of the Central Manchester and Manchester Children's University NHS Trust thinks that by giving us, the punters, a choice in the name of the new Manchester children's hospital, we will feel a sense of "ownership". He added "The new hospital will be at the heart of the community in Greater Manchester and the north west - it will belong to the people who live here and we want them to feel a sense of pride in it".

So the Choices are:

a) Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

b) Manchester Children's Hospital

c) Other - please suggest.

Option a) will really maintain the status quo, Option b) is really for vehement anti-monarchists, Option c) I cannot see what others have suggested.

And given that anyone, in the whole wide world, can vote on the new name at the new hospital's website, then I would encourage my international readership to vote so the decision is truly local!

Choices ?



lucia said...

I vote RMCH...but I think that "The new rmch" would have been good.


RR said...

I believe Manchester United is already taken, yes?

Angus said...

Rob and Lucia - go vote!

Perhaps we shoul choose the other Option and write "Abstain".

Our Choice in the NHS is pathetic and I don't want choice, I want local centres of excellence.