Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kezia's Quilt

... arrived today ! It's been played hopscotch on, it's been used as a wrap and a shawl ...

... and as the first Dexamethasone of the month kicked in, it went to a more tradtional use.

Many many thanks from all of us to Joyce in Canada, Sandra and Marcie in the US, Lily and Dianne in Australia, Nicolette in Holland, Simonetta and Fulvia in Italy, Anne in the Uk and above all Clare of Quilts 4 Leukaemia!


de vliegende koe said...

It’s so good to see the quilt being used as a ‘fun’ thing and as a comforting blanket. A multipurpose quilt. I send my love, hugs and best wishes to Kezia! Nicolette

Cascade Lily said...

When Clare said we were wrapping the world in love she wasn't kidding! So glad our quilt made it to Kezia and she looks like she loves it. You can tell her it's a quilt made with love :)

Jessica said...

Hi Angus

Lovely pics! And Kezia's got hair again! Nice to see her looking so pretty and having such fun.