Monday, December 10, 2007

Cancer in Africa

Our regular reader, Rosie, whose daughter Leonie has ALL, posted this comment regarding a paediatric oncologist friend of hers currently work in Tanzania. It speaks for itself …

“… I’m trying to get more drugs out to her after Christmas, I bought a case load from the hospital here and sent them out with a doctor friend of the pharmicist ( Ireland is just the right size to bypass all the necessary paperwork to do things like this). She lost a little patient recently as there was no money to pay the taxi to take the blood from the blood bank to the hospital. However she had a little girl like Leonie and Kezia with ALL who had gome blind and for weeks was having seizures in a semi coma. After consulation with the docs here she kept plugging away with the treatment until one day she woke up looking for her breakfast ! Hardened oncologist she wept with the other staff- this is what keeps her going. She is a marvelous young woman called Trish and Tansania is lucky to have her.”

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Lea White said...

It made me really sad to read this comment.