Friday, December 7, 2007


A constant source of blogging inspiration has been Jon's Jail Journal in which Jon has recounted to us his many months of incarceration in US penitentairies (i.e. jails). He is (you are if you read this Jon) now out and "free" and back in he UK with his (your) family.

In November I wrote about my friend A. who is serving a perpetual Kafkaesque sentence of imprisonment in a civil society and far from his home to which he is not allowed to return.

Both Shaun and A. were imprisoned through offences committed by, what I will term, "youthfull folly". And I was rather lucky not to go there myself i.e. the "youthfull folly" occurred - just I didn't get caught and imprisoned.

My own last (?) act of "youthfull folly" was having Kezia. Me!? who swore never to have children! At the age of 42 has a child who gets sick with leukaemia. Our imprisonment.

Have a Happy Christmas Shaun and Family!

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