Thursday, December 6, 2007

Medical Update

Kezia went to the hospital yesterday for Intrathecal Methotrexate. Seemingly no problems.

I've been at a bit of a loss the last couple of weeks about what to post. Writers' block? Cancer Routine?

I will attempt another post on Dexamethasone from a recent paper but it might take me a few days as I get my head around the science. I should react to the UK government's new Cancer Strategy ... but I wonder if 144 pages of printing is worth the theft of paper and toner from my employer ...


Clare said...

Don't worry about not being able to write anything. I'm the same - winter dolldrums I think!

Thanks for the link to Bianca's blog. I've been in touch.

Angus said...

Except it's hot here! Thanks Clare!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angus,

Dont give up the blog - I only read 2 blogs regularly yours and an American woman who is into knitting and weaving (I like to think I have an range of interests !).

Seriously I enjoy your blog, the science, the odd rant and the news from Africa. Leonies Registrar is working now in Tanzania in the Childrens Hospital as an oncologist in fairly tough conditions and keeps in touch with us. Her and your blog makes me appreciate the service here and realise how lucky my daughter and yours are.

Wishing you much inspiration in the coming year,

Rosie (not the one who ate the beans)

Lea White said...

I agree with Rosie (comment above), I find your blog entires very interesting and I have your link on our blog and go there every day to see what you are up to.

Here's hoping you find lots of inspiration to keep going!!!

PS. I posted those photos of my new hair do on our blog... The funrazor event was lots of fun, even though I find it is a bit chilly without hair.

Lea White said...

Oh and thank you for pointing Clare in our direction. I emailed her as per her request.

Angus said...

Thanks Rosie and Lea for the kind comments - as you will see I was a bit more inspired last night.

Rosie - the Rosie I refer to in the Ful Medames post is my ex-partner with whom I spent 2 years in Darfur - see the March Violets post.

Lea - I was very dubious about Clare's offer of a quilt at first (I think I posted about it) but in the end it was a most marvellous thing - I'm sure you've seen the photos.

Angus said...

Rosie - you must tell us more about your oncologist in Tanzania - you know I have a thing about cancer in Africa! If she writes you her experiences, can you get her permission to post extracts here?

Anonymous said...

Yes I will, Im trying to get more drugs out to her after Christmas, I bought a case load from the hospital here and sent them out with a doctor friend of the pharmicist ( Ireland is just the right size to bypass all the necessary paperwork to do things like this). She lost a little patient recently as there was no money to pay the taxi to take the blood from the blood bank to the hospital. However she had a little girl like Leonie and Kezia with ALL who had gome blind and for weeks was having seizures in a semi coma. After consulation with the docs here she kept plugging away with the treatment until one day she woke up looking for her breakfast ! Hardened oncologist she wept with the other staff- this is what keeps her going. She is a marvelous young woman called Trish and Tansania is lucky to have her.

Anyway I will ask her, she is really modest but might agree,