Thursday, December 13, 2007


I much admire Past Peak's very artistic daily photo which Jonathan posts under the title "Gumpagraph". They are exquisite and beautiful, and followed by very very funny George Bush jokes - a great juxtaposition to his serious, and more often than not, depressing commentaries on current affairs.

I do not know how he keeps up the energy to do this day after day - and, having experienced some "writer's block" recently, I note how many of my blog links on the right have seemingly died (NHS Blog Doctor, the Head Heeb, Cancergiggles etc). I particularly note the seeming demise of the weekly BritMeds (a round-up of medical blogs - particularly as it was giving my own jottings occasional exposure!).

So dedicated to Past Peak here is our own Gumpagraph (I think Jaime took it as I cannot for the life of me imagine why I would take such a silly but beautiful photo!).

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