Friday, February 8, 2008

From Jaime's Teacher

"Hi Angus,
Hope all is well for you. We finish for half term today, so i thought I'd give you a quick update on Jaime's progress at school. He is currently in good work assembly showing the rest of Key Stage 2 his literacy work. He wrote a newspaper-report styled piece of writing about Humpty Dumpty falling off his wall and turning into scrambled egg! He used lots of lovely adjectives and used the correct punctuation. He typed the writing up on the laptop and could insert pictures and graphics and used editing skills to make the finished piece aesthetically pleasing. He will probably bring this piece of work home to show Mum too!
In Science, we have been creating electrical circuits- lighting bulbs with a battery and leads. Jaime's work has improved greatly, and he keeps up with the rest of the class and joins in discussions appropriately.
We are encouraging a scheme called 'talking partners' in which the children are encouraged to talk to a partner to discuss an answer to a question before offering the answer to a teacher. This is excellent for Jaime as he feels confident to finalise his answer with his 'partner' before being asked to share it with the class.
Hope you are having a good month.
I will keep you updated in the 2nd part of this Spring Term too!
Thankyou, See you soon,

(Jaimes yr4Teacher)"

Overwhelming Pride

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