Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where are we now ?

I don´t mean geographically (I´ll leave you to work that out - maintaining blog anonymity is not easy) but in terms of Kezia´s treatment and our disjuncted, dysfunctional family life.

Time to take stock.

Today will see Kezia´s first consultation of UKALL2003 Maintenance Phase 4. Only another three 3 month maintenance cycles to go - that takes us up to November.

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

Maybe a pin-prick (sorry for such an apt pun).

After off-treatment (OT) in November, our consultant John wants Kezia to say in the UK for 6 weekly check-ups for at least 18 months. May 2010. Kezia will be seven years old, Jaime will be ten years old. The medical profession will only consider Kezia cured after five tears of Event Free Survival.

The pin-prick becomes smaller.

There is a slight, as yet unexplored, possibility that Jaime and Kezia could continue their education in the UK at a private, charitable and means-tested boarding school of 400 years standing and reputed academic excellence - which would certainly be advantageous to their futures. However, an initial tentative probe of Nanda was not favourably received ... but she does have a tendency to jump off at the deep-end and then, after due consideration, change her mind.

When or will we ever become a physically united family again? Ever?

So far John has not precluded Kezia, Jaime, Nanda coming back over for a holiday during those first 18 months. It would certainly help.

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