Saturday, February 9, 2008

Medical (mini) Crisis

Yesterday, Friday, was notable.

My day started when I overslept.

You know, the alarm goes off, you switch it off for an extra 10 minutes. Annoyingly, the alarm´s default Snooze setting seems to be 2 minutes so just as you´re dozing off, you have to switch it off again. And then 40 minutes later you wake up and know that you will be late for work.

As I am running around, having a shower and a shave, making a quick cup of coffee, pulling out the day´s work-clothes, Nanda rings.

¨Kezia´s got a temperature. She woke up at 4 am, I´ve given her cool showers ... can you ring the hospital? Can you skype me when you get to work?¨

¨Oh shit. Ring Pete¨. [my brother, just round the corner].

My running around becomes almost a sprint and I drive like a maniac to work ignoring the potholes i.e. driving through them not round them). No traffic police to stop me and give me a hard time. I arrive and skype Nanda. They are going to leave calling the hospital for an hour as transport will be much easier to organise through the clinic than the ward.

An hour and a half later Kezia´s temperature has returned to normal ... no need to call the hospital.

A busy morning at work ...having cancelled (to remain skype-close to Nanda) an appointment at the national TV station to install a firewire card in an Ubuntu Linux workstation we are donating to them, I was involved in taking some transformer oil samples.

I skyped Nanda again at lunch-time. Situation good.

Thursday afternoon I found a web-post that this firewire card is recognised by Ubuntu. And this morning I find this blog had been cited on a Guardian (national UK newspaper) blog.

The day slowly gets better.

This afternoon I relaxed a little bit and tested this firewire card in a legacy workstation with Xubuntu (a ¨lite¨ version of Ubuntu). Xubuntu saw it! I would hate to turn up at the TV and for it not to work.

At the end of the afternoon, I received the email in the previous post from Jaime´s teacher, skyped Nanda ...

Kezia ok, maybe a little mucositis.

From crisis to routine to high.

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