Friday, May 16, 2008

npower - update II

A telephone complaint was lodged with energywatch this morning and the following letter sent to npower.

Executive Complaints Team
Eighth Avenue,
Team Valley,
NE11 0SX


FAO Complaints Department, npower

I am writing to you about a problem that I have experienced with your company.



On 3 May 2008 two npower salesmen made an unsolicited visit to my UK residence. I work overseas and my wife responded. My wife is an overseas national with little English. My wife gained the impression that the two npower salespersons were in fact represenatives of our current energy supplier Eon as they requested to see her Eon bills and she assumed they were checking our payments were uptodate. She was then asked to sign a document which later turned out to be a npower contract for the supply of hgas and electricity (no.17545281). The npower salesperson who signed the contract was Brian Hesketh (Sales Advisor PIN 0A64832, Sales Office PIN 08264). On the next working day (6 May) my brother telephoned npower. The call was received by a Customer Assistant named Lily. He was informed that the contract details had not yet been entered into npower's computer system and that he could not represent my wife despite her lack of English and that Language Line services were available. When he expressed his displeasure with this situation and the "hard-sell" techniques of the npower salespeople she became very aggressive. With the assistance of my brother my wife wrote a letter to npower rescinding the contract. This has subsequently been acknowledged.

In the light of Ofgem's current enquiry into npower's sales methods and recent press reports, including taking advantage of non-English speakers, we are somewhat alarmed the npower has failed to correct its sales methods in its regional offices. A telephone report of this incident was made to Energywatch on 16 May 2008.

I look forward to your earliest reply.

Yours faithfully,
Angus R. Gascoigne


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