Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The UK energy provider npower is now under investigation by the regulatory authority Ofgem into dodgy sales practices.

"The alleged tactics included exploiting customers with a poor command of English, making people sign forms without revealing that they were contracts and lying about charges."

Interestingly enough Nanda received a knock on the door some ten days ago from two npower salespeople and was persuaded to sign a contract without, due to her poor command of English, knowing what she was signing. When I was told, I immediately contacted my brother who wrote a letter rescinding the contract within the 14 day grace period allowed.

If npower is found guilty,
"Ofgem can impose a maximum fine of 10 per cent of RWE's global turnover, which was €42 billion (£33billion) in 2005. "

We will, of course, be making a complaint via the consumer organisation energywatch (can be done online) which will hopefully feed into the enquiry.

Full story here.

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