Wednesday, May 14, 2008

npower - update

From an email from my brother:

"Better you do complaint as you can translate the story from Nanda more accurately than me. The comment appended to the Times article is familiar - I know the salesman had Nanda show him the bills.
You should also email a complaint to npower as the first thing ofgem will say is have you complained to npower.
So details as follows:
Contract number: 17545281
Date of contract 3 May 2008
Gas and electricity in single contract - electric is Npower Northern Supply Limited, gas is Npower Northern Limited.
Contract rescinded by attached letter. Posted registered mail 10 May - registered mail ref DW 5254 6114 3GB. No confirmation of cancellation yet.

From Royal Mail website tonight:

Your item with reference DW525461143GB was delivered from our OLDBURY Delivery Office on 13/05/08 .

Salesman Brian Hesketh - Sales Adviser PIN 0A64834 Sales Office PIN 08264

Worth also saying that I tried to cancel by telephone on the first working day - 6 May. Their customer assistant Lily would not allow me to cancel because they did not have the information on their system and that the earliest it would be worth my calling back was the Thursday or Friday of that week. When I then said I wanted to make a complaint she said I couldn't do that until the same time. When she gathered the contract was not in my name she said I couldn't cancel it but my sister in law, despite speaking no English (the point I was making), would have to cancel it. She assured me that they had access to languageline. When I expressed my displeasure at the situation saying I thought it was a pretty poor show that this salesman should "force" someone who doesn't speak English and had made that clear to him, to sign a contract, she became very aggressive with me. Eventually I as good as hung up on her!

Subsequently I was advised by several people to write rather than phone and send recorded.


As the cancellation letter only arrived at npower yesterday, I will wait a bit before making a complaint to see if they reply.

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