Monday, March 14, 2011


... or "Mr Morais' Patent Dermatologicgal Lotion". This product claims to clear up a whole range of skin problems - heat and sweat rashes, acne, spots and a whole lot more as well as promising, like my favourite soap products Giv, Lux and Santex, general cleansing properties that will leave your skin ... well, just SO.

Now this blog, since its beginning, has been a vehement opponent of quack medicine. Since, on Day 1 of Kezia's treatment, her consultant warned us of the dangers of of the quackery regarding leukaemia treatment out here on the Internet, I have become aware of the amount of quackery bullshit out there regarding any complaint you can think of.

However, "Mr Morais' Patent Dermatologicgal Lotion" is different and I have personal faith in it (especially since I saw the immdediate effect of Daly's Skin Shimmer last week). Mr Morais, the lotion's inventor, is a personal friend of mine and is someone in whom I have total confidence and I believe vice versa. Last week he confided in me the lotion's secret ingredient ...

Duck Dung!

Quack Quack ... contact me if you're interested!

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