Friday, March 25, 2011

Giv - with Soy Bean Extract

I asked Morais what is Soy Bean Extract and, of course, he replied "Stupid - cooking oil!" Obvious, huh? I would add to this soy sauce etc etc.

We all know that soya beans are packed with protein and good for you ... but did you know this about soya bean soap?

"Soy bean extract is well-known for its benefit to make skin bright and smooth. With classic perfume for an elegant personality."

Morais noted that Give with Soy Bean Extract also contains coconut oil and palm oil - it should be triply good for frying my eggs!

As Giv with Pearl Extract and Giv with Curcuma didn't quite "do it" for me, I'm giving the latest variety a trial-run.

I'm a bit disappointed that Giv Soya and Giv Curcuma use the same model on their packaging - which does she use?

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