Friday, March 11, 2011

Daly Skin Shimmer

Following on from my previous posts (here and here and here) on soap advertisements, I now discover Tess Daly Beauty's Daly Skin Shimmer. Giv soap's publicity writer cannot come anywhere near this copy:

"When I want to pull out all the stops, this is the product I reach for, it really is over the top glamour and sex appeal at its best! The body oil gives an unbelievable sheen and the soft glitter particles leave a high shimmer glow that's addictive!"

My boss' ex-spouse (in the UK) sent him a few tubes in an effort to seduce him into a second honeymoon in the Canaries! He hasn't fallen for it but we applied some to our colleague Americo who was unable to wash it off and went home fearful of how his wife would react!

Moreover, it's on sale in Marks and Spencers!

Update: We gather it works ... but not quite in the way Americo expected! When he got home last night it certainly raised passions ... "Where the hell have you been?" etc etc!

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