Monday, March 12, 2007

Back Home

Kezia and Nanda got home Sunday afternoon. Phew!

Jaime had a good time with M. They went swimming on Saturday and he went to Sunday school at M.'s church. They then picked up Nanda and Kezia in the afternoon. He got a prize at school on Friday for progress in learning English - M. tells me he is now producing short sentences. (So maybe he can translate for Nanda and save the NHS some money!). Thanks again M.

Kezia received vincristine on Friday but her counts were too low to receive IV methotrexate - so we've now finished Escalating Capizzi II. Next up Delayed Intensification II - which Lucia assures me is the shittiest of the lot! Apparently, H. has just started it and is feeling dreadful.

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