Wednesday, March 21, 2007

UKALL 2003 - Delayed Intensification II

Just telephoned Nanda at the hospital - Kezia has started Delayed Intensification II. The last of the intensive stages - Whoopee! Eight weeks to go and we start the maintenance phases!

Next appointments tomorrow and Saturday.


Lucia said...

yey!!! I had my penultimate L.P. today with only my end of treatment marrow left!!

Angus said...


Anonymous said...

Way to go Kezia. I'm sure the next 8 weeks will be tough going but knowing that the treatment gets much easier is a real incentive to get through it. We have found the predictabilty of maintenace allows for a much easier life for everyone, we can plan days out, overnight visits and so on (and to to plan nothing on the dex days).

I've been thinking alot about your ealier post on the impact of the treatment on siblings. Being on maintenance makes me realise how we all got through the earlier treatment any way we could; Homework glossed over, too much television, fast food... Yet from about the third week of treatment my 6 and 8 year old fully understood neutropenia, would remind me about the 6 MP (like you their Dad is away alot) and became very protective of anyone staring at their bald little sister. For a while they were ignored , neglected, pased over and dragged in and out of hospital. That has passed and they go forward with an understanding and empathy for those who are different that can only be a good thing. Leonie just gets on with having leukamenia, her siblings just get on with living with her and I like every parent worry about the impact of all of this on all of them - I think I should do what they do, get on with it.

Angus said...

Thanks Leonie's mum. Jaime really loves and loves playing with Kezia. She doesn't have much contact with other kids yet but will be starting playgroup in September so I wonder how she will react if at the receiving end of taunts. Although, of course, I am sure the staff will stamp on it.