Tuesday, March 27, 2007

UKALL 2003 - Delayed Intensification II contd

Second doses of doxorubicin and vincristine are scheduled for today. Peg Asparaginase Saturday last - Jaime went with them to the hospital and received, as Nanda described it, a "big" present. Didn't quite ascertain what ((don't think he's suffering from lack of attention, Rob!). Almost a week's worth of dexamethasone and it has kicked in. Moody. Not sure if she's got leg pains yet as happened in Delayed Intensification I.

Her Hickman Line is playing up. It is allowing medication in, but not blood out. This is probably due to a tiny bloodclot acting as a one-way gate valve. Such micro-clots are pretty common even in healthy people. J., our consultant, does not want to change the line again if not really necessary - especially as we are so near the maintenance phases and the removal of the line.

In other events ... I had quite a good weekend. Friday to Saturday we had an enormous storm. After several weeks without rain, I was grateful to have our cisterns replenished and it rained again today (Monday). However, it brought down our "izaquenteira" (Treculia africana - cannot find an English name) - this is a tree of about 10 metres height that bears medicine ball-size fruit with numerous seeds that are locally prepared into traditional dishes, one sweet, vaguely reminiscent of Indian kulfi, and one savoury with palm oil and smoked fish. The latter I adore, not having a "sweet tooth" for the former. Fortunately, it did not fall on the house but did smash into our wiremesh fencing. Probably repairable. I heard this morning that some poor guy in the city had both his cars smashed by a falling tree!

On Saturday afternoon, seven friends came round loaded with fresh bonito, saltfish, plantains and breadfruit. They cooked, I provided the beer and wine and did a pizza. Good time had by all.


Anonymous said...

My line did the same thing, by the end I had to put my arms above my head and lean sideways until it bled back! Was opposide kezia yesterday as was on SSU having 3 units of blood.


Angus said...

I don't suppose they've tried that trick?

What'swith the transfusion?