Friday, March 23, 2007

Social Support - Macmillan Nurses, Clic Sargent and others

Dr John has been critical of the Macmillan nurses.

For those not in the know, these are nurses whose salaries are initially paid and subsequently supported by Macmillan Cancer Support, are based at the hospital and are supposed to provide "community support" (whatever that means) to us. More information is provided here (pdf).

We, supposedly, have a Macmillan nurse. She was introduced, been to the house once. She ignores Kezia and Nanda in the hospital corridor. She has done nothing for us. I don't know her functions except it was explained to us that she would show Kezia's future teachers how to put a clip on the Hickman Line in case of emergencies and to explain that Kezia should be kept out of school if any other kid has a serious infection.

Well, I guess, we can do this, so we don't need a Macmillan nurse.

The hospital social work team consists of employees of the charity Clic Sargent. At Royal Manchester Children's Hospital I would say "bloody marvellous"! T., our social worker, has been to the house several times, looks out for Nanda and Kezia on hospital visits, has helped out on immigration issues, has a good relationship with our consultant (to the extent she has drafted letters from him supporting us), helps us with the occasional financial support. Lucia is enthusiastic about her Clic Sargent support worker, L., who seems to specialise in young adults and is intimately involved with YOBS (Youths On Borchardt Support) and is equally ambivalent about her Macmillan nurse.

Lastly, I'll mention our local (i.e. town or municipal) health visitor/worker. She hasn't actually done very much except drop by the house pretty often with or without an interpreter, check up that everything is ok and offered to pick up and sort out Jaime if there is a crisis. Thank you for being there C. - appreciated.

So ranking this social support? Well, I think it is obvious.

P.S. Why are they called "charities" in the "developed world" and "Non-Governmental Organisations" (NGOs) in the "developing world". Is there a difference? Feedback please and then a further post.

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