Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Andy of Csikzereda Musings provided me with my original blog sub-title “I reserve the right to go off-topic and talk about anything I damned-well like”.

We have much in common – expats with no intention of leaving our adopted homes, young children – one “adopted” through our wife and one our own, working in the same institution in Portugal with a space between us of circa two years … and a love of foreign travel, cultures etc.

Thanks Andy for the loan of your words for the last few months.

An idea developed this weekend that I could make a collection of witty phrases and aphorisms when I come across those that seem wise and apt. To replace Andy’s, I will use one that is both wise and apt and perhaps, at the same time, somewhat glib and facile (courtesy of the 30 years deceased Natalie Barney).

Andy, I will put yours in our profile, and maybe change our sub-title aphorisms every few months and maybe make an online collection of them

If Oscar Wilde was alive, how would he use the Internet?

And, if you haven’t noticed, our new subtitle you will find above …

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Andy H said...

I'm just flattered you used my tagline for so long Angus.