Thursday, June 28, 2007

Conquer Childhood Cancer Act

The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act is currently before the US Congress. Lauren and Fergus recently attended a mass lobby by 350 families and medical staff in support of the act. Lauren's account can be read here. (Norah and Rob stayed home and celebrated the solstice - I'm envious Rob, missing our kids!).

To quote Lauren "This act seeks to solidify desperately needed funding for the Children's Oncology Group (this group represents most of the pediatric oncology facilities in our country, and it is the only forum for the multi-center research studies that are so crucial to solving the awful puzzle that is childhood cancer). In addition, the act calls for a national registry/database to aid in learning more about the epidemiology of childhood cancer; it also calls for establishing a pediatric oncology fellowship, and a support network for families suffering with childhood cancer."

For our American readers both Lauren and Rob's posts contain links on how you can support this act by lobbying, fundraising etc.

And Fergus has just finished his chemotherapy! Congratulations!