Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Healthy Futures - Accessibility

I drew attention here that the “analysis” of public transport access to two (of four) hospitals in the Joint PCT Committee´s submission to the Independent Reconfiguration Panel’s review of the Healthy Futures (A & E provision) compared Apples with Oranges.

It gets worse …

Fairfield Hospital, on the borders of Rochdale and Bury councils, has been proposed for A & E cover of Rochdale.

There are three routes with 11 working daytime buses per hour from Rochdale Bus Station to Rochdale Infirmary. According to the Greater Manchester Public Transport Executive, service 468 runs from Rochdale Bus Station hourly in the evenings, on Sundays and public holidays and service 469, every 10-20 minutes only in the early evenings and hourly in the evenings, on Sundays and public holidays.

I am not a transportation analyst but someone in the Joint PCT Committee seems to have it in for Rochdale Infirmary …

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Axistive said...

Hospital accessibility issues? That sounds like three words that should never be used in the same sentence. It's irony.