Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Long Distance Telephone Conversations

Me: "I've paid the rent".
Nanda: "Have you paid the rent?"
"Yes, I've paid the rent".
"Are you sure you paid the rent?"
Trying not to grit my teeth, "I've just told you I paid the rent".
"Ahh, so you've paid the rent ... so there's less money in the bank".
"Oh ... well, you'd better not withdraw any money".

Me: "I've asked (our consultant) J. what next Tuesday's appointment is for".
"But it wasn't J. who made the appointment".
"I know that".
"So why did you ask J.?"
"Well, I don't know the doctor who made Tuesday's appointment"
"If J. didn't make the appointment ..."
Bloody hell, he is our consultant!

"I think I made a mistake with Kezia's medication".
"You know ... the um methotrexate. It's meant to go in the line, right?"
"WHAAT! You put the methotrexate in the Hickman Line?!!"
"No, I gave it to her orally".
Phew!! "Thank god for that!"
"You mean I'm meant to give it orally?"
"Yes, yes, yes! Look, you don't give her anything in the line anymore!"

"Look, I'll ring you tomorrow".

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