Monday, June 18, 2007

Making it Better - Translation Services

Although our local council is not impressed with the Strategic Health Authority's proposals under the government's Healthy Futures and Making it Better "reform" programmes (of which more anon), there is no mistaking the SHA's commitment to translation services ...

"Inadequate translation services were seen as a major barrier to accessing services for those who could not speak English. It has been found that in addition to the importance of translation services, BME communities may also experience communication barriers which reduce access to services due to travelling, e.g., if spoken English is a barrier to using public transport, where this is the main travel mode. Where communication is a challenge, service users prefer local services, trusting the more familiar than the unknown, particularly when increased distance presents a greater barrier to access for family and visitors, by virtue of cost, time, childcare arrangements etc."

"Communication difficulties have been recognised in the MiB consultation as being of major relevance for some groups, e.g., people with poor literacy and non-English speakers."

For Black Ethnic Minority Groups "Ensure that translation and interpretation services are readily available as a matter of routine."

So stick that up your Ms Kelly!

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